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Swiuga Investments is a Ugandan based real estate investment firm which represents a broad range of interests, from large institutions to individual investors. Our strategies revolve around commercial buildings, apartments, and hospitality.

The firm's strategies encompass trust deed debt, redevelopment, value-add income-producing assets, and equity investments in local and regional operators. We make strategic investments in real estate assets which provide an opportunity for added value and superior rates of return. Our investment philosophy is simple. We aim to earn a high rate of return for our investors with as little risk as possible. We do this by constantly innovating within the industry and staying ahead of market trends.

Our primary focus is acting as stewards of our investors' capital. Our team focuses on a specific set of core values to exemplify the culture of our firm and provide the highest level of customer service. These values are the foundation upon which the company was built. 

                WHO WE ARE


Swiuga Investments executes core, value-added and opportunistic investment strategies that are designed to minimize risk and enhance overall value for investors. Our investment approach capitalizes on a broad platform of in-house real estate professionals whose expertise spans all phases of property investment and management. These resources are grounded in a consistent, disciplined investment process that combines local market knowledge and hands-on operational expertise to create value and meet our clients’ investment goals.

Swiuga Investments seeks to create value continuously across all phases of the investment life cycle. We merge the expertise of locally based investment teams with the centralized support and the deep experience of local real estate firm. In contrast to other investment approaches that rely on third-party service providers, we employ our own skilled professionals, assuring consistent, high-quality execution in everything from sourcing, underwriting and approving investment opportunities, through the ongoing management of property operations, to the timing and strategy for ultimate disposition. The result is a well-orchestrated and disciplined pursuit of value.


Our goal is clear and consistent across the globe—to create exceptional spaces that meet the space requirements of modern, world-class tenants while adding value and driving returns. We also have a proven expertise in delivering large-scale and technically complex projects around the world. Our skilled design and construction professionals have a well-established track record in overseeing the design and construction of high-quality projects in uganda. This ensures that our projects remain both on time and on budget for demanding end-users. Our team’s extensive experience enables them to create sustainable, creative, state-of-the-art solutions for new developments and building refurbishments. We have developed close and active relationships with reputable architects, engineers, construction managers and trade contractors. Together we have created some of the best-known signature buildings in cities 


Swiuga Investments is the Ugandan leader in the management and operation of first-class real estate. Each of our properties is treated as a stand-alone business and has its own team of in-house property management experts. This approach ensures a focus on creating value and maximizing long-term profitability, while striving to be the landlord of choice. It also brings additional benefits, in the form of superior operational and maintenance standards, or more broadly in the form of savings from our locally negotiated procurement contracts. The result is a clean, secure, well-maintained property managed to the standard of a premier, owner-occupied building.

To ensure that our properties are operated to the highest levels of professionalism, responsiveness and efficiency, we integrate customized internal programs into every building, including:

• Internal Audit
• Tenant Satisfaction Survey
• Emergency Procedures
• Tenant Portal Website
• Electronic Work Order System
• Electronic Preventative Maintenance
• Standard Operating Procedures

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who we are
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